How do I register for a Seminar?

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1. Register

Start the registration process by completing the online registration form for the seminar you wish to attend. Payment for seminars is restricted without first completing an online registration form.

You will find the registration form by clicking on the "Register" from the main menu.



2. Complete the Online Registration Form

You must complete all sections of the registration form that are marked with an asterisk. All other fields are optional.  When you have completed your form, click the submit button to submit your form.

Online Registration Form

3. Check  your email

If your registration is successful you will be emailed details for completion of the payment process.

Please note that, completed registration involves both the completion of your online form AND payment of your seminar.

If you are an academy member, discounts will be applied to your payment. If you are unsure whether you are receiving the discounted rate, you can check the seminar is labeled "Academy".

If you have been approved for student registration with the appropriate references your email will contain links to seminar payment at the student rate for your seminar. 

Follow the "Pay Seminar Here" link to process your seminar payment.

[Sample email sent with seminar details and link to payment page]


4. Payment for your Seminar

It is a requirement that you "sign in" to complete your seminar payment.  This is so we know who you are when your payment is processed.

If you are an NIS practitioner that has attended a previous NIS seminar you should of received an email from us with your login email and temporary password. Use these details to sign in at the payment page.

What if you don't remember your password? - that is OK.

Click on "Forgot your Password" and you will be asked to reset your password at the next screen.  You can then use this new password with your email address to "sign in" and complete the payment process.

Forgot your password: Password Reset

 Troubleshooting the LOGIN

A. Some of our products are restricted and require an active membership or subscription. If you receive a message that the "content is restricted.." dialogue box it means you do not have access to this content.  If you believe this is in error with your subscription or membership send a message to customer support and we will assist you as soon as possible.

B. If you enter your email and password and you are denied access.  First try reseting your password (see above image) and retry the login process again.

 Are you a NEW Practitioner to NIS Seminars?

It is possible that your email and password are not being recognised because you are NEW to NIS Seminars. 

New Practitioners -Steps to Register

As a new customer to NIS Seminars you may not have an account with us. FIRSTLY, follow the steps below before creating a new account.

If you are an NIS practitioner that has attended a previous NIS seminar you should of received an email from us with your login email and temporary password. Use these details to sign in at the payment page.

Check to see if you have an existing account with us:

1. Do this by resetting your password by clicking "Forgot your Password"

2. If you are enable to continue, try the login with an alternative email address that you may have registered with.

3. If you still have no access, Create a NEW Account and continue the login process. 

IMPORTANT: After Creating a NEW account, you must return to your email that provided your payment details and follow the "PAY SEMINAR HERE" link to complete your payment.   You may not have access if you try to pay your seminar from the store itself without following the links on your email first.


5. Select your Seminar and complete payment

 Once you have successfully signed in you will should ONE of a series of seminars to purchase. Click your seminar and proceed to payment CHECKOUT

6. Completing your payment

Payments are accepted by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Amex)

Enter your contact details and your order will be encrypted and securely processed. 

Check your email for your payment confirmation and receipt of purchase.  If you are not issued a receipt of purchase, contact customer support.




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