Prerequisites to start learning NIS


There is a 10% discount available for students studying towards a profession in the approved NIS profession list (see approved NIS profession list below).  

To qualify for the student discount you will be required to:

1. Show proof of current student registration or enrolment in a course of study toward a profession on the approved NIS profession list.

2. Students must be in their FINAL year of study toward a profession on the approved NIS profession list.

Note to students

In order for students to maintain NIS Practitioner Status on completing NIS Masters, must continue to hold a current licence to practice in a profession on the approved NIS profession list. Students that fail to maintain a licence and registration in a profession on the approved NIS profession list will have their NIS Practitioner Status revoked.


Learning NIS - Start with our NIS Foundation Seminar

Learning the complete NIS system takes 3 full days.  To learn NIS for the first time sign up for NIS Foundation seminar.

All seminars in the NIS Seminar Program are designed to be post-graduate.  It is essential that all practitioners wishing to attend possess a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and neuro-anatomy prior to attending.    


Pre-requisites to attend are as follows: 

1. QUALIFICATIONS: MINIMUM of a Post Graduate Degree in a course aimed toward a profession in the approved NIS Profession list.

The approved NIS Profession list:

>> Medical Doctors / Specialists

>> Osteopaths

>> Chiropractors

>> Physiotherapists/ Physical Therapists

>> Nurses

>> Acupuncturists

>> Naturopaths

>> Dentists

>> Traditional Chinese Medicine

>> Veterinarians

>> Occupational Therapists

>> Registered Massage Therapists (Canada only)

>> Registered Naturopaths


2. LICENSE: Must be licensed for independent practice by a national or state registration. Psychologists will need to supply their registration number.


These pre-requisites are the minimum criteria.  Participants may be asked for additional proof of their qualifications and license at time of registration. Professional qualifications can vary from country to country, if you are unsure whether you meet the criteria above please contact BEFORE you register for a seminar.