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NIS USA Foundation - Salt Lake City 2024 

The NIS Foundation Course is where you will begin your training with NIS. This course will teach you the essential building blocks of the Neurological Integration System.  You will learn the scientific principles which NIS is based on.  You will be introduced to the major regions of the CNS and how to access them. This is a three-day course and covers a lot of ground.  Here’s a sampling of what you will learn:

How to correctly muscle test to get access to the brain, organs, joints, tendons etc.
How to integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain and remove interference to optimal brain function.  Essential to address learning disorders, anxiety and depression.
How to bring organs and glands back to optimal function.
How to make lasting structural corrections without manipulation.
How to improve hormonal function.
And much more.


The Foundation seminar includes plenty of time for you to practice what you are learning on your fellow participants.  Our goal is to assure that you’re ready to begin implementing NIS in your practice when you leave.  You also get to witness the healing power of NIS.  Many participants have experienced resolution of chronic issues at the seminar.



Is this seminar for you?

1. If you are a practitioner who accepts that neurological control is central to your patients wellbeing, yet your chosen clinical "tool bag" represents an arsenal of the best musculoskeletal techniques aimed at everything BUT THAT, then........ 👉 this course is for you.


2. Day after day, patient after patient, you "PUSH and POKE, RUB and HOPE" applying the same clinical "recipes" across your entire patient list, hoping for an outcome equivalent or better than the effort you have put in.....👉 this course is for you.


3. If like many manual therapists, you were taught to believe that a patients "structure governs function" while never appreciating the higher priority... that "function governs structure", then.......👉 this course is for you.


4. If you believe that repetitive manual manipulation and mobilisation of tissue will eventually lead to an optimal outcome.... without addressing the higher levels of central nervous system control...... 👉 this course is definitely for you!


5. Take a fresh look at the holy grail - "the priority of treatment" - start now by registering for NIS Foundation. Full seminar available online.


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